Our Mission Statement:

We seek to develop the discipleship and ministry of all God’s people throughout the Benefice so that, transformed ourselves, we might become better equipped and inspired to play our part in transforming God’s world.

Historical References

Back in the 1870’s the area of Llandaff North known as the freehold was a bustling and growing community with three main industrial employers. With the growth in the population came the need for a church.  The first services were held in various buildings and then in 1890 All Saints was  built to house the church community. All Saints Llandaff North was consecrated on 28th January 1891 by Bishop Lewis (it cost the grand sum of £1,819).By 1914 things were thriving and All Saints needed extending ; things progressed and in 1938 Llandaff North received its own Curate-in Charge The Rev C J Oeppen.

Then on 2nd January 1941the Church was all but destroyed by enemy incendiary bombs! As always the community rallied around and within a week the church was meeting in the Old Granary in Station Road, then at various other venues until the church was rebuilt. On September 19th 1953 the foundation stone was laid by John, the Archbishop of Wales,then on the 29th January 1955, with the church totally restored and extended again, it was Re-Hallowed. On October 4th 1960 (Feast day of St Francis of Assissi)  Llandaff North became a parish in its own right with The Rev Oeppen being its first Vicar.

On 3rd March, 2014 All Saints became part of the Whitchurch Benefice by special Decree.

Our hardworking and delightful vicar Rev’d Marja Flipse.



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